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MIRO-CG Rooftop Supports

36" M-Hex Rooftop Pipe Support with Strut (Case of 4) | Can Be Cut to Size

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Images showing 3 uses of M-Hex rooftop pipe support

Case of (4) 36" sleeves

The M-Hex rooftop pipe support is designed to support a variety of rooftop piping and conduit. The unique design provides 3 options for use: the strut side can be used to attach clamps & fittings for conduit & other applications, the pipe seat side can be used to place up to a 3” pipe directly on the pipe saddle, and the drill side allows attachment of other accessories.

MATERIAL: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) with 3% CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) for improved impact resistance, outstanding low-temperature performance, and excellent weather resistance.

Chlorinated Polyethylene is known for its high resistance to chemicals, heat, and UV light.  It is also flame retardant.  It is used as a modifier for semi-rigid PVC to improve low temperature properties and increase weatherability.

SIZE: 4.5” H, 5.2” W, 36" L | Can be cut to desired length.

SUGGESTED ROOFTOP LOADING:  36”: 351 lbs at 3 PSI applied to surface. Max product load = 800 lbs.

SPACING: Supports should not exceed 10’ on center.

WARRANTY: 2 year limited warranty.