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Rooftop Supports

6-DSA Rooftop Duct Support

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A frame used to support duct or various utilities on flat roofs. Unique design allows a sturdy support without penterating or causing damage to the roof membrane. The 6-DSA model is manufactured with 12 gauge 1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ slotted strut for maximum adjustability in length and height.

Key Information

  • Recommended spacing is not to exceed 8 foot centers
  • Frame is made with 12 ga. slotted strut
  • Base Material: Polycarbonate
  • All metal parts are galvanized.

Warranty Information: 2 year limited warranty

Recommended accessories: 9x15.25 rubber support pad, cross bracing

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This product may take an extra day or two to process, especially when ordering 10 or more. Call 801-975-8885 for an estimate on processing time.

6-DSA Load Table

Span (in)  Max allowable uniform distributed load (lbs/ft) Max allowable concentrated load at center (lbs)
16 200 267
18 178 267
20 160 267
22 145 267