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Rooftop Supports

Mini Split Condenser Stand | Mount for flat roof or any flat surface

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INCLUDES: Parts and hardware for mini split stand and (4) 12x12" rubber support pads to place underneath bases.

The Uniflex Mini Split Rail Support is an economical option to support mini-splits condensers and heat pumps on the roof or on any surface. It supports a variety of sizes, is easy to install, and is fully adjustable.


  • Designed to support Mini-Split condenser units.
  • Designed for height, width, and span adjustability for a wide range of Mini-Split Units.
  • Frame material is 14 gauge Hilti Channel (7/8×1-5/8) with a zinc-magnesium finish for outdoor use.
  • Base material is polycarbonate with carbon black for UV resistance.
  • Hardware and brackets are either hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized
  • Support is designed for gravity loading. Additional wind and/or seismic tie downs and engineering provided upon request.
  • Optimized load of 3.0 PSI to roof is approximately 300LBS. Ultimate load capacity is not tested.


2 year limited warranty


This product may take an extra day or two to process, especially when ordering 10 or more. Call 801-975-8885 for an estimate on processing time.