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RSS-3 PVC Rooftop Pipe Support | 3-feet long pipe block that can be split into desired lengths

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  • Supports Water Lines, Gas Pipes, Electrical Conduit, Plumbing Pipes, Condensate Lines, Refrigeration Pipes, and more
  • Can Be Cut to Desired Lengths | Suggested minimum length is 6" (152.4 mm) to provide adequate stability.
  • Affix Pipes to Support Block with Pipe Guides, Clamps, Tab Tape, or Other Hardware (not included)
  • Lasts longer and won't damage roof membrane like wood blocks

The RSS-3 is a lightweight pipe block support designed to hold a variety of mechanical, electrical and conduit piping as well as walkway planks and other rooftop structures and systems. The RSS-3 is made of strong, durable PVC and is shipped in 3-foot lengths. They can easily be cut to any desired length and installed at any job site (recommended minimum length is 6” to preserve stability).

PVC Rooftop Pipe Blocks

Stop using wood blocks that are heavy and can damage the roof. Use RSS-3 Sleeper Support instead.